1 Hour Consulting

Bill Crawford Contractor Success Session

ONE IDEA, Properly Implemented and Executed, Is All You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level

A problem is re-defined and the solution becomes obvious. A little bit of outside perspective breaks you “out of the box” and accelerates your growth. Bill Crawford provides an array of consulting services and can provide fresh
insight and new angles to solving your Contractor problems. This is a 60 minute phone consultation.

Here’s how this works:

Preparation: Fill out the application form we’ll email you after your payment is processed and fax or email it in. You may also mail materials and documents that you feel will be helpful in defining the discussion.

Scheduling: We will advise you of the next available consultation day.

Qualification: Mr. Crawford has a demanding schedule and new clients are accepted on a limited basis. If Mr. Crawford feels that your business is outside of his expertise, he will decline the application and recommend other
resources to you.

Recording: The call will be recorded for you and you will receive a copy, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes – just concentrate on the discussion.

Satisfaction: If at any point in the first 15 minutes, you do not feel you are getting your money’s worth, you can say “stop” and you’re off the hook – the consultation is free. After minute 15, you’re in for the whole ride.

Cost: For a 60 minute phone consultation, your cost is $500 paid upfront.

(Note: We do not do consultations for online businesses associated with adult content or products, gambling sites, or any other markets that we’re personally uncomfortable with.)

The call is digitally recorded and sent to you in MP3 afterward

To purchase a 1-hour consultation with Bill, please call Jon at (630) 929-