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Additional Resources

Marketing Automation Case Studies

Featured Case Study – Brian Young
Short, 2.5 min version that captures the spirit of Marketing Automation:

Infusionsoft Case Studies

Hubspot Case Studies

Marketing Automation – General

Infusionsoft Review – #1 Small Business CRM & Marketing Automation Software
> A short video that describes Infusionsoft capabilities and helps you get a sense of what marketing automation can be used to do.

General Marketing Automation Resources

Small Business Sales CRM and Email Marketing Automation Software – InTouch
> Short video, which gets across some of the concepts, from a different system.

Why Marketing Automation Software Fails to Deliver
> Slightly longer video (10 minutes), good discussion of things to keep in mind when considering marketing automation. It’s “pro” marketing automation, but demonstrates that a strategy is necessary to help make use of the system. The equivalent of the video can also be seen at this blog post:

Marketing Automation Strategy

Lifecycle ebook
> an ebook from Infusionsoft that talks about developing a marketing plan for a small business.

Introduction to Lead Nurturing

> This guide might be helpful in getting your head around actually planning a lead nurturing sequence. It is provided by a “peer” to Infusionsoft and Hubspot, which pricing-wise, sits somewhere in between them.


A leading marketing automation tool Rainmaker supports, which can help businesses capture more leads when they visit your site.
> A good set of case studies to show how marketing automation impacted peoples’ businesses
> A nice video about Iron Tribe Fitness, who leveraged Infusionsoft to the max.


Another leading marketing automation tool.

Marketing Automation Case Studies

What is HubSpot? (2 min)

HubSpot ranked #1 in G2Crowd’s Marketing Automation Report 2014

HubSpot ranked #1 in VentureBeat’s Marketing Automation Index 2014

Summer 2015 Grid℠ Report: Marketing Automation Software Rankings
> Timely Summer 2015 article, Hubspot tops ratings, Infusionsoft comes in top 6, mentions some other platforms

EBook – Lead Nurturing, campaigns, how to optimize

30 Thought-Provoking Lead Nurturing Stats You Can’t Ignore

How Marketing Can Work With Sales to Close More (and Better) Leads

MailChimp Marketing Automation Workflows
> video showing some of the workflows in Mailchimp and how they’re used for automation.


A popular tool for email management that also has some basic marketing automation features.

Mailchimp Marketing Automation Workflows
> video showing some of the workflows in MailChimp and how they’re used for automation.

Mailchimp Tutorial: How To Create A Mailchimp Email Campaign
> 15 minute video that helps you get a sense of how MailChimp works

How To Use Mailchimp Step By Step Full Tutorial For BEGINNERS (Free Email Marketing)
> Longer video on MailChimp

MailChimp Getting Started

MailChimp Automation Guide

MailChimp > Adding a signup form to your website

Mailchimp’s Help area has a lot of good resources:

Try looking at the “VIP” article to learn about segmenting:

Website/Blog Tools

Google Sites

Other Systems – I particularly like this one, and created several sites recently with it – I like the professional look and feel, the fact it was mobile responsive, etc. Ex. site: – a friend recommended taking a look at Squarespace – he liked the templates and various features that come with the platform. See as an example site.

Blogger > Putting code into your Blog