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Customer Reviews

A Trusted Source, Whether Good or Bad

Other than being referred to a business by a family member or friend, Customer Reviews are more trusted than any other source. This list includes TV, Radio, Mailers, Shows, Newspaper, Telemarketing, and several others. Having many positive customer reviews is a great way to allow customers to warm up to your business before they even call.

If you do not have a proactive systematic way to obtain customer reviews, you will be known by the angry 1% of customers no one can please. And you know exactly who we are talking about. Unfortunately, we humans tend to complain more than pass out compliments. So if you are not actively collecting positive customer reviews, negative reviews will catch up to you and adversely impact your business.

Having your customer rave about your business on the Internet is a great way to build trust before they even pick up the phone and call. Stephen Covey in his book, The Speed of Trust, points out how much easier and faster it is to work with customers who trust you. This is true for the sales process as well as the service or product you provide. Positive Customer Reviews builds trust.

How it Works

When you complete a job, service, or delivery of a product, you send us the customer’s name and email address. We will send up to four personalized emails per customer from you (Owner or Manager) requesting a five star review with comments to one of the Directory Listings Google Places picks up on.

If the customer is unable to give you a five star review, they will be asked to “click here” for further feedback … so you can make them a “Raving Fan” of your business.

Benefits of an Automated Customer Review System

  • Build trust with customers before they even call your company.
  • Customers have choices. Positive impressions on the Internet will increase revenue.
  • In increased trust level leads to more sales.
  • With a higher level of customer service, you will experience fewer complaints.

Rainmaker will customize a log in screen so you can upload your customer names and email addresses. Rainmaker will also send you a weekly email reminder requesting you upload any customers you want to request customer reviews to. Rainmaker will write four different (but similar) emails which will be personalized from you. These emails will be sent out requesting your customer post a five star review. If your customer clicks a link to do a posting, we will stop sending your customer emails. If your customer does not respond to your four emails requesting a five star posting, we will stop sending emails.

The cost of our Automated Customer Review system by itself is a one time fee of $250.00. After that the cost is $75.00 per month. There are no contracts involved. This is a month to month service. It may also be included in our Thunderstorm Package.

This may be the greatest short term and long term investment you will ever make for your business.



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