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Leveraging the Internet to Maximize Your Advertising ROI – Call (630) 929-7246 to get started!

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If you want this to be your breakthrough year, you need more leads for less money.

There is only one way to get a big backlog.  You need lots of sales.  And there’s only one way to increase sales, either close leads at a higher rate or GET MORE LEADS.

If you want a new car, pay off debt, sleep better at night, or just dramatically increase your income in this year, you need more leads.

The fastest way to increase your income is to operate your contractor business above your break-even point.  Have you figured out what your profit will be if you operated above your break-even numbers or added a crew?  I know you’ve already done this.  We both know it’s A LOT!  Review the math.   How much can an extra crew install in a week?  Let’s say very conservatively $15,000 in a week.  That’s $780,000 in a year.  Now start subtracting Cost of Installation, Sales Reps commission, Lead Generation cost, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Untrained Rookie Crew Tax, and then Obama Tax.  Subtract all that and you are still left with a nice chunk of change.

But how do you get there?  Well, it all starts with more leads.  The best sales reps in the world can’t sell without leads.

In 2013, the Internet will play its biggest role in your company’s history. 

Bottom line: your Internet marketing company better be on their A game.  If you thought the Internet was big last year, it’s gonna be bigger this year.  Each year our clients report to us, and more and more leads are coming from the Internet. These leads are now accounting for the largest portion of their sales.  And each year more and more companies are eliminating their Yellow Page ads altogether, or greatly reducing the size of them.  I saw this coming several years ago and dove in head first.

Rainmaker Internet Marketing

A Quick Note

A few years ago, I turned my Mondays into Fridays.  I traded in 15 years of basement waterproofing and changed careers. Every day we bring unheralded passion to our work and we want to help you get more Internet marketing leads this year than ever before.  This is my strongest, in your face, obnoxious sales pitch I’ve ever put in writing trying to convince you to come on board and let us help make 2013 your breakthrough year.  I’m out of my comfort zone but I want you to come on board.

Now, you’ve got a few options from here, you can leave this site without reading another word, read on below and find out how who we are and how can help your business, or skip ahead and get in touch with us right away. The choice is yours!

Skip the Sales Pitch, Where Do I Sign Up?

If you are a basement waterproofing or foundation repair company, you either:

  1. Don’t use Google AdWords.  If, so Click Here.
  2. Manage your own Pay Per Click accounts.  If so, Click Here.
  3. Use another company besides Rainmaker Internet Marketing. Click Here.
  4. I’m a big dog. I’m looking for something more than PPC. Click Here.

You Don’t Use Google AdWords

If you don’t use Google Ads, my guess is you are doing under $400,000 per year in sales maybe even less than $250,000.  If you want to jump start your business, I’d suggest getting starting with a new Google AdWords account.  If you don’t have $900 per month to spend on AdWords, then I would say – don’t hire us.

Optimize your Google Places Pages, work your referrals, and save up your money.  Once you have this amount budgeted for Internet advertising, call us at (630) 929-RAIN.

We Manage Our Own AdWords Account

If you manage your own Google AdWords account, more power to you.  If you do a good job, you know Google and the Internet are always adding new features, changing things around, and just making it really hard to be current and up to date on everything.  Is this the best use of your time?  Maybe it is.

I remember having an AdWords account for over a good two years.  Then we got really serious; studying every day, sitting through webinars, reading books and blogs.  We thought we were on our game.  I was ready for an expert to take me to the next level.  To try and school me.  I hired Dr. Jacobson at $735.00/hour.  I had to pay in full before the session.  That was weird.  We sent him access to our AdWords account and did a screen share.  After 15 minutes of talking to him, my head was spinning.  We had to restructure the entire account.  Whoah!!  Note to self, the ocean of AdWords is deeper than I thought.

Rainmaker’s minimum monthly management fee is $330/month.  The bet is – Can Rainmaker’s expertise get me two more leads per month to cover their management fees? And how much more time and peace of mind will you have to focus on what you do best?  That’s the bet. Many waterproofers across the country took that same bet.   If you think it’s a good bet, click below and schedule a time for us to talk.

I’ll Call Your Bet, Let’s See What You Can Do!

You Use another Company Besides Rainmaker Internet Marketing

You use a different Internet marketing company.  I respect that.  It’s a free country.  Do what you want.  Please allow me to ask a few questions:

Does your Pay Per Click Company have access to your web site?

If you are thinking, “NO! I wouldn’t want them to”, you may be wrong. We ask for access to our clients web sites.  We stay current on how those robots at Google’s headquarters think.  We know how to make tweaks to web sites that puts you in favor with Google’s robots.

Does Your PPC Company manage your Google Places page?

Today I had a waterproofing owner from Kentucky walk into my office in the suburbs of Chicago. It was a referral from another waterproofer.   He called me last Friday to set it up.  I pulled up the city he serves and showed him how his competition has the wrong categories in their Google Places pages. They were missing out on leads.  Fact of the matter is, most Google Places Pages out there on the Internet have the wrong categories. And Google is not going to call you and tell you this either.  Want some free leads?  Look at your Google Analytics and make a note of what people are searching for.  Then change the categories in your Google Places Page accordingly.

By the way, don’t you date let an Internet marketing company place their call tracking phone number in your Google Place Page. If this is going on, call me right today and I will explain what is going on.

 Do you have a Full Service Internet Marketing company as your strategic partner?

Our first customer, and now oldest client, is one of the largest waterproofers in the industry. They had three different Internet marketing companies doing different things for them and none of them were talking to each other.  They had a web designer make their web site.  Very nice graphics and good navigation indeed!  A different company managed their Pay Per Click accounts.  The owner of this PPC Company is a keynote speaker at prestigious Internet marketing conferences across the US.  When I looked into the account, the only keywords they were advertising for were ‘basement waterproofing’, ‘foundation repair’, and their clients company name.  Huh?  They had a third company doing Search Engine Optimization.  Out of the three companies, a total of ZERO knew anything about basement waterproofing.  Out of the three companies, none of them knew what the other was doing.  The left hand was not talking to the right hand.  I made a mental note that day.  Wouldn’t it be nice for a contractor to have an Internet company that:

  1. Designed web sites with Local search in mind.
  2. Used their Pay Per Click expertise on web sites to get a better return.
  3. Could make small changes to web sites on a timely basis for free.
  4. Could do little things for free that would significantly increase local visibility.
  5. Understood the basement waterproofing business, so I did not have to explain everything to them.

When you tweak a web site and modify the presence of local search and tie this all into a Pay Per Click account, this is how you create synergy.  And this is how you maximize the return on investment.  If your company maximizing your advertising dollars?

Does your Internet Marketing Company want you to sign a 12 month contract?

Why?  If you don’t like them, would you want to be stuck in a contract?  I wouldn’t.  We’ve all been in cellular phone contracts we don’t like.  Maybe they are asking you to sign a contract because they are afraid you are going to leave.  At Rainmaker, our retention rate is unheard of in the industry.  Our agreements are month to month.  If you think someone can do better than we can or any other reason and you want to pack up your tent and leave, you are free to do so.  This is good motivation for us to stay on our A game.

Is your Internet marketing company endorsed by the two of the biggest authors in the industry?

It’s true.  When I owned my basement waterproofing franchise in Chicago, my traditional lead sources like; Mailers, Yellow Pages, TV, and Shows became too expensive.  I had to come up with a less expensive lead source. I dove head first into the Internet.  I went to Borders Bookstore. (It’s now out of business, thank you internet).  I purchased a hand full of books on the topic.  Reading books takes too long.  I wanted results NOW!   I tracked down the two most respected authors and hired them to coach me.  When you write an industry best-selling book, you can charge outrageously high priced consulting fees.

Perry Marshall

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

“I think you are one of the good guys. People need you guys at Rainmaker more than basements do. I’m rooting for ya!”
-Perry Marshall, Author, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, #1 Internet Marketing Author in the World


This guy above, Perry,  has sold more books on Internet marketing than anyone in the world. He is quoted on Google AdWords more than anyone in the world.  He hosts a 12 week international internet marketing contest every year.  In 2010, I won first place.  In 2011, I spent a couple days at his house.  Later we worked out a deal for Rainmaker to be an affiliate.  Now he sends me leads. Since all it takes is one good idea to get you to the next level, his consulting fee is $1,990.00/hour.

Howie Jacobson

AdWords for Dummies

“Having worked with you in the past, I have great respect for your ability and energy and implementation skills.”
-Dr. Howard Jacobson, Author, AdWords for Dummies


If you read the blogs about Dr. Jacobson, this book above is the most respected book on Internet marketing out there.  Dr. Jacobson’s fee is much more reasonable at $735.00 per hour for consulting.

These two well-known Internet marketing authors give their full endorsement to me and Rainmaker’s staff.

Has your Pay Per Click Company ever talked Quality Score with you?

This industry thrives off the ignorance of business owners.  Do you know if your keywords have a higher quality score, you can pay less money to have your ad show up higher on the page?  Here is how Google determines who ranks where.  Keyword Max Cost Per Click Bid x Quality Score = Your Ad Rank.  The one with the highest score wins.  Here is a quiz. Which one will rank the highest?

A.)   $9.00 keyword bid x 3 quality score = 27
B.) $7.00 keyword bid x 5 quality score = 35
C.) $5.00 keyword bid x 8 quality score = 40.

If you guessed “C”, you are right.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be paying $5.00 per click and rank highest than pay $9.00 per click and rank lowest.  At Rainmaker, we use our experience and knowledge to maximize your quality score so you can pay less money and get more leads.  We figure if we can get you the more leads, you’ll be happy with our service.  Since we don’t lock you into contracts, we have to keep earning your business.  It is a competitive marketing place, for sure.

Can your Internet marketing company give you seasoned advice and expert consulting?

I owned my basement waterproofing franchise for 15 years.  This was not a regular franchise.  This was and is an industry leading franchise and one of the largest home improvement companies in the United States.  There’s not an Internet marketing company out there with as much real world, hands on experience in the basement waterproofing industry.  Many of our clients have benefitted from my experiences in this industry.

Does Your Pay Per Click Company act as the middleman for your payment?

Note to self – this is not good.  As mentioned earlier, this industry thrives off of your lack of knowledge.  If you pay $1,000, $5,000, $8,000 or whatever you per month to your Pay Per Click, do you know how much is being spent on your ads and how much going into their bank account and staying there.  The Wall Street Journal reported in 2011 that the bigger Pay Per Click companies are taking between 40% and 50% of what you pay them for themselves.  You should know that the industry average is about 15% of spend with minimums in the $250 to $350 per month range.  Depending on your spend and despite our level of expertise, sometimes our management fee is as low as 9% of spend.

We don’t want to play smoke and mirrors with your money.  We keep things clean.  You should know where your money is going.  We charge a minimum of $330 per month to manage your Pay Per Click account.  You pay Google, and Bing and Yahoo if you so choose, directly.  They charge you at $500 increments.  Do you know how much of your money is being spent on Ads?

Do you really need more?

Does Your Company Offer You the Most Advanced and Effective Automated Customer Review System on the Market for FREE?

Sorry, I was just baiting you.  I know they don’t because the one I’m talking about, we created.  We created a systematic way to obtain customer reviews from your customers.  We make it SUPER easy.  If you can have someone from your company type in a first name and email address, we will do the rest.

Every company needs a systematic way to collect customer reviews.  If you don’t, those 2% of customers you can never please will go eventually go on line and post something bad about you.  And guess what?  People read this stuff. And so do you.  In 2010, Google reported that consumers are researching companies to 5 sources before making a decision.  In 2011, consumers are now researching companies to over 10 sources before making their purchase.  With the last home improvement purchase you made, did you read the company’s customer reviews?  I bet you did.  Most people do.  Yet, most companies don’t know how to get more customer reviews.  When you hire Rainmaker to do your internet marketing, our expertise and our automated, systematic software system will collect customer reviews from your customer and post them on the right directories.

If you’re considered a ‘Big Dog’ in this industry, you need a whole lot more.

Today I spoke to a waterproofer that is spending $10K per month on Pay Per Click alone.  And no other work is being done on local search, social media, customer reviews, referral systems, etc.   Talk about a waste of money!  This is why Google took in over $11 billion last quarter.  Do you think Google is going to call this company and tell them there is a much more efficient way to spend their money?  No, they won’t, I promise.

Did you know, general speaking, if 100 visitors come to a web site, only 3 will call and schedule an appointment?  What happen to the other 97?  They Gone!  And most likely, they ain’t coming back.  What if you had compelling information they wanted on their web site.  Can you get them to opt into something and nurture that into a lead?  That is called having a “sticky web site”.  And that is also a much more effective way to spend your Pay Per Click dollars.  And what if you could rank in the organic search results OR the Local search results. Those are free clicks and they tend to be trusted more.  Wouldn’t that be cool!  And what if your Social Media platforms were current?  Ever run a Facebook contest?    And what if you could send a survey to customer after you finished the job asking how you did?  And what if you asked for referrals via email after every job?  This is just the beginning.  We offer customized Internet marketing packages at $1,000 levels.  We do as much customized work for you as we can for whatever level you hire us at, beginning at $1,000 per month.  The work we do stays with you.  We have clients paying between $1,000 and $6,000 per month.  All depends how big you are and what you are looking to accomplish.  To find out more, click here and schedule a time to talk.

I Believe You Guys Can Help My Business, Let’s Talk!