Google Ads Audit


Although every client engagement is unique, Rainmaker For Contractors follows a "----"step pay per click (PPC) audit process that has proven successful:

1. Client Interview
Help us understand the goals of your pay per click account and campaigns.

2. Baseline Data Collection
Let us track your campaign our way for at least "--" days (-- is optimal).

3. PPC Account Analysis 
Our team of pay per click advertising experts will perform a comprehensive review of your account and campaigns. Our work includes (but is not limited to): analysis of current/past analytics/tracking data, campaign settings, keyword research and analysis, ad copy, and evaluation/analysis of landing pages.

4. Recommendations Report
Insights into your account and campaign performance with actionable recommendations for improvement.

5. Question and Answer Meeting  
We’ll review our recommendations and spend up to  "--" minutes answering any questions you may have.

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