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Follow Your Customers Across the Web with Google Remarketing

Follow Your Customers Across the Web with Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Current marketing practices build on content marketing by emphasizing personalized customer experience. For instance, your potential customer arrives at your site because of its content. Once that content becomes personal, there is an increased likelihood that a customer will return to the site. Providing this personalized experience is called context marketing.

Google Remarketing leverages both content marketing and context marketing to improve customer retention and increase conversions. It does this by accomplishing the three objectives of context marketing: providing customers with

  • The right content
  • The right prospect
  • At the right moment

Here is how Google Remarketing works and how it accomplishes all three of these objectives.

The Right Content

Potential customers arrive to your site through a variety of ways and don’t always arrive via the landing page. Eventually, they might make it there but initially they are drawn to your site because of a piece of content they found intriguing.

Google Remarketing scripts tag that intriguing page with a descriptive keyword relevant to that page’s content. The visitor’s cookies pick up the tag. When the visitor leaves your page and goes to another site, the tag ensures that the advertisements they see on following pages are related to the content they just viewed.

The result? Their ad experience has been personalized. Your marketing is focused. Google Remarketing has helped you have identify your target audience.

The Right Prospect

According to Wordstream, “”Incorporating the Google Remarketing script tags allows you to target more narrowly.” Increased relevancy and greater control over who sees your ads improves your ROI. You are reaching out to the right prospect, someone who cares about the ads they see. The Google Team explains that remarketing:

  • Provides large-scale reach
  • Tailors lists for your advertising goals
  • Enhances visibility on campaign performance and advertisement placement
  • Offers dynamic remarketing ad creation

The Right Moment

Consumers browse before they buy. Once a potential customer leaves your site they have many options and short attention spans. Google Remarketing “provides timely touch-points to drive your customers to your website and app when they’re most engaged.”

By following your customers across the web, Google Remarketing personalizes your customer’s experience and reengages them with your page and product.

To learn more about context marketing and Google Remarketing, please contact us.

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