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Committed to Our Clients

Rainmaker is committed to empowering our clients and helping grow their businesses. Read below and find out what some of them are saying:

Perry MarshallUltimate Guide to Google AdWords
“I think you are one of the good guys. People need you guys at Rainmaker more than basements do. I’m rooting for ya!”
-Perry Marshall, Author, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, #1 Internet Marketing Author in the World
Howie JacobsonAdWords for Dummies
“Having worked with you in the past, I have great respect for your ability and energy and implementation skills.”
-Dr. Howard Jacobson, Author, AdWords for Dummies
Jeff Schleuning
“I was recently asked how I felt about the job Rainmaker Internet Marketing was doing for my business. You decide for yourself: 2009, before Rainmaker = 148 leads/ $119,510 net sales. 2010, Rainmaker begins midyear = 273 leads/$304,959 net sales. 2011, Rainmaker’s first complete calendar year = 568 leads/$755, 002 net sales (with one month to go). Enough said!”
-Jeff Schleuning, President, Everdry Basement Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan, BBB Detroit President
Steve Andras
“Bill and his team do a great job with our AdWords campaigns, and I would highly recommend Rainmaker Internet Marketing if you want to increase your internet leads while keeping your lead cost down.”
-Steve Andras, CEO & President, Grate Products, Pioneer Basement, Basement Depot
Nicole Witt
“I invested a significant amount of time and money into a business growth program that I completed over the course of 18 months. As a result, I implemented such strategies as AdWords, E-newsletters, Teleseminars, and a fairly sophisticated sales funnel. But I am not an expert in online marketing and I need to focus my time & energy on other aspects of my business. So I hired Rainmaker to handle the internet marketing of these strategies for me. As expected, they have been a great investment of my marketing dollars. They help the money I spend work much harder for me. For instance, they’ve reduced my cost per conversion from $66 to $12 while improving results. But what I didn’t expect was the value of the strategic input and ideas that have resulted from our collaboration. So not only have they freed up a significant amount of my time that I can spend on running my company, but they are truly a partner in my business.”
-Nicole Witt, Executive Director, The Adoption Consultancy, as seen on Today, World News Tonight, Fox News, E!, and more.
Jason Weinstein
“I signed up with several large Internet marketing companies. Each one promised results. They had a really strong sales pitch. I heard everything I wanted to hear. After I spent tens of thousand dollars with them and no leads, I was forced to cancel each and every one of them and had to fight to get my money back, sometimes with CEOs of these large companies. The problem was they had no understanding of my business. At one point, I dominated the Michigan market… The problem was, I am in Connecticut. With another I dominated attic insulation. I was always promised a bag of goods and no one could deliver. I happened to know Bill for a few years while all this was going on. We would bounce ideas off each other and eventually I asked him to take over my PPC spending. The results are fantastic. Later, we added all social media. I’ve become one of the most liked waterproofing company on Facebook. Lastly we added email marking. I’ve sent many of my peers to Rainmaker. These are good friends who suffered the same frustrations when dealing with these national internet marketing scams. I wouldn’t dare steer my friends to Bill without confidence in Rainmaker understanding my business and delivering great results.”
-Jason Weinstein, President, Budget Dry Waterproofing



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